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Dayaaa Rosllyy
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 | 02:42 | 0 Blackjack
Haiii btw Assalamualaikum . I'm Dayaaa Rosllyy :) . Helloo theree whatcha doing theree haa? I'm hope you all happy in theree okeyy :) . Today I'm wanna story about him ! Now i'm have a feel love him , like him , can't forgot him and more lahh -.- I'm dot know how that feel in my heart :3 Dayaaa pon pelik Hm Okeyy you all mesti nak tahu sape die kann ~ But I'm wanna secret name him :) PeaceII . Okeyy dayaaa bagi tahu ciri-2 die ajee oeyy you all -.- Hmm him a boy(ofcourse),him tak bape putih lahh but same colour with me ahah,him age 18 years(dahtuahaha),him work with him mom OMG sosweety kann,him higth maybe(cool),him like joke-ingg alreadyy ahaha..haha buat sementara dayaaa not meet him already laa :'( arghhh . Maybe best If you all know him kott laa GAGAAHA :D . Untill now jelaa ehh :3 Bubyeee Assalamualaikum

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Hello :)

Hiii , my name is siti nur hidayah rosli . I think you all just call me daya . my age 16 years . school at SMKPM . stay at Ampang,pandan mewah . Want know more about me and my lovelyss secretss , hmmm , just +Follow me okeyy =)dear<3




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